1-1/2 in Diameter Grapevine Wreath 2pc
1-1/2'' in Diameter Grapevine Wreath/2 Pc   This carefully crafted and detailed miniature grapevine wreath is 1/12'' scale and...
Broom w/ Fall Decorations
Broom with Fall Decorations   This miniature Broom with Fall Decorations is appropriate for any Fall or Halloween dollhouse setting. The broom...
Browned Turkey in Ceramic Casserole
Browned Turkey in Ceramic Casserole   This carefully crafted and detailed miniature browned turkey in a casserole is 1/12'' scale and...
Cornucopia w/ Fruit
Cornucopia with Fruit   This 1/12th scale Cornucopia is ideal for Fall holidays in the dollhouse.   The miniature Cornucopia is on a...
Fall Flower Centerpiece
Fall Flower Centerpiece   Every dining room needs a lovely floral display.  This miniature Fall Flower Centerpiece is perfect for...
Fall Harvest Special
Fall Harvest Special   This collection of 3 gourds and 2 pumpkins is sure to bring a touch of Autumn to your miniature collection....
Fall Wreath w/ Bow
Fall Wreath with Bow   This gorgeous miniature Fall Wreath with a Bow will be a perfect accessory for the Fall holidays. Display it on your...
Floral Cornucopia Arrangement
Floral Cornucopia Arrangement This miniature floral cornucopia arrangement is lovely for Fall holidays. This carefully crafted cornucopia arrangement...
Harvest Cupcakes
Cupcakes, Harvest   These miniature Harvest Cupcakes make a fun dollhouse treat during the autumn months.  They each feature a maple leaf...
Miniature Pumpkins Set of 3
Miniature Pumpkin Set of 3   This set of 3 miniature pumpkins is sure to create a festive feeling in your miniature setting. The largest is...
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Pumpkin Pie Slice
Pumpkin Pie Slice   This miniature pumpkin pie slice is the finishing touch to a dollhouse feast.  The pumpkin pie slice is very detailed...
Roast Turkey in Glass Pan (Items are Separate)
Roast Turkey in Glass Pan (Items are Separate)   This miniature Roast Turkey in a Glass Pan looks mouth-watering delicious.  The items...