Choose The Right Glues


Choose The Right Glues To Use

For Your Dollhouse Projects

tacky glue
Aleene's Tacky Glue

Aleene's Tacky Glue is all-purpose for crafts, hobbies, household repairs, dries clear and flexible. This glue is a water-based glue which is sandable and paintable. Great for assembling raw wood houses,furniture kits, plastic flooring such as tile and linoleum. Do not use for hardwood floors as this can cause wrapping of the wood strips and painted woods. Painted woods will not permit a good bond with this glue. Here.

wood glue

Aleene's Wood Glue

Aleene's Specialty Glues and Adhesives, the right glue for the project at hand. Wood Glue 4oz- A multitask glue ideal for wood, household, hobby and craft projects as well as for furniture and general repairs. It's fast drying, super strong, sandable and paintable. Heat and water-resistant. Water clean up when wet. Here.


Double Sided Adhesive/2 Sheets

(Model # MBSTICKM)

This double-sided tape is used to tack down rugs, lamps, pictures and many other items that you do NOT want to be permanently affixed to an object. With this items can be removed.

grandmother glue

Grandmother Stover's Yes Glue

(Model # GS0172)

This ''Yes'' glue is a water-soluble glue with a Vaseline consistency. Use for wallpapers )including pre-pasted), carpeting, ceiling paper and plastic flooring. When using for flooring I suggest using a weight press for a few hours to ensure a tight bond. A second option is a white tacky glue. Here

handibond glue

Handibond Super Glue Gel

(Model # C4022)


A glue product that can be used for bonding poorly mating components and for porous substrates such as china and other ceramics. A favorite of aquarium makers for bonding coral to rocks. Can be used on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump. Many craft uses bonding wood, cardboard, veneer, fabric, cork and some foams. This super glue is fantastic for repairing furniture, metal to metal bonding and glass. Here

quick grip

Quick Grip Glue

(Model # C4008)


Quick Grip is permanent non-water based glue. It is good for primed or painted wood, window and door trims, crown molding, baseboards, hardwood floors, asphalt shingles, clay bricks and siding. The glue is quick drying, water and weather proof. When it dries the glue is crystal clear, flexible and paintable. Here

quik star

Quick Holding Sticky Wax

(Model # OR62500)


Quick Holding Sticky Wax comes in a 1-ounce container. Quick Holding Sticky Wax works well for attaching posters or pictures to a dollhouse wall, lamps and holding them in place. It is removable when needed. Here

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