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Shipping Options: 4 Sections

Section 1: Important Information

We ship ONLY to the United States, Australia & Canada. We no longer ship to the UK because of the impossible Brexit UK VAT requirements.

US shipping for orders $75.00 or more is free for MOST items, EVERYDAY. Some items which are large, heavy or otherwise more expensive to ship have a surcharge for just that item(s).

We have ONLY USPS standard shipping options.

IF you get in a jam call us (912)729-7624 and we will do whatever we can to help you get what you need, where you need it in time! We have some manual options, which are generally more expensive, but in a time crunch can save the day!

We are required to obtain signature confirmation for all orders over $200.00.

Lastly, free shipping offers are most items, everyday. This is because all of the shipping carriers have switched to dimensional weight. Our rates are set for small, light items. Items which are especially large or heavy have an additional charge you can see right in the product's page before you proceed to order. Dimensional weight means that even if an item is very light, under 13oz but is 15 by 15 by 2 then it's weight for the purpose of shipping is over 3lbs requiring a shipping upgrade. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying length by width by height. All orders ship by dimensional weight, the shipping carriers have all switched.


Section 2: Signature Confirmation

When checking out we highly recommend using the signature option if you live in a neighborhood where you worry someone might take your package. If your package is swiped from your porch after delivery, there is nothing we can do. You accept this responsibility for any missing packages if you choose not to add USPS Signature Confirmation.


Section 3: Package Insurance

Packages are infrequently damaged in transit. We offer package insurance to protect your shipment. If you choose not to insure your package, we cannot be of any assistance if it is damaged by the Postal service in transit.  You accept responsibility for any damage in transit or delivery if you choose not to add USPS Package Insurance.

USPS Insurance claims must be filed no later than 180 days after the shipment date of your package. You WILL need to take all packaging material, box with label and contents to USPS to file your claim. If you file online you will STILL need to take retain all packaging material, box with label and take it USPS when they request it. We are so very happy to help with information you may need to file your claim, but you will have to file your claim... We cannot do it for you.


Section 4: Shipping Addresses

When checking out your billing address is selected for shipping by default, however, you can easily change it and ship somewhere else as you wish. Please be very certain to use valid USPS addresses as we are not responsible for misdirected packages due to an improper mailing address. Our postal software will automatically attempt to match your supplied address to a valid one, but there are no guarantees this will be appropriate. We are not responsible for misdirected packages if you provide a delivery address with is not USPS certified.


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